What is the best trimmer for me?
Depends on your size of garden and your budget. We sell trimmers that range from very inexpensive to industrial size macjhines. Calculate your budget, size of work space and amount you need to process. Then decide on what trimmer best suits your needs or just give us a call.

What is the difference between tunnel and vortex powered trimmers?
Vortex powered trimmers are generally vertical trimmers that have fans attached to the blades which creates a cyclonic effect and moves the product about the machine in a circular motion. Generally, Vortex machines have a collection bag that resides underneath the machine.

Tunnel trimmers are machines that work in a horizontal fashion and propel the product from one end of the machine to the other. During this process the leaves are drawn through the slits in the tunnel and trimmed. No air is used to propel the product. Generally tunnel trimmers have Dust collectors that collect the trim.

Do trimmers save the user time and money?
Yes! Trimmers save people a whole lot of time and money. They usually cut your trimming time down exponentially. Some of the Brands we sell claim to be the fastest trimming methods in the world.

Do Trimmers offer the potential for extra income?
Yes. Once you have a trimmer all our your friends will be wanting to rent it on a regular occasion. A trimmer is always a Great Investment!

Do Power trimmers use substantial amounts of electricity?
Generally NO! Trimmers are almost always wired for 110 and use minimal amounts of electricity. Tunnel trimmers come with dust collectors that are sometimes wired for 220/240. They are wired this way specifically to decrease Amp usage and be more efficient.